Mahoney CO2 Laser Power Meter Probe 0-200 Watts Mi Comparator


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Brand New Mahoney CO2/YAG Laser Power Meter Probe 200 watts for Laser Engraving Cutting Machines (10.6 to 1.06 microns)
The power meter probe can easily pay for itself with just one or several uses.
Examples include:
(1) Receive in-warranty replacement of bad glass CO2 laser tubes from Chinese laser machine manufacturer.
(2) Note laser tube degradation over time to adjust laser machine power settings to ensure laserable materials are not ruined.
The probe measures laser power for YAG (900-1250 nm) and CO2 (8-11 microns). Works for laser technologies including CO2 lasers, fiber lasers, YAG lamp lasers, diode end pumped lasers, and diode side pumped lasers.


  • This product is great for owners of any type of laser engraving machines, laser engraving systems, laser cutting machines, laser cutting systems.
  • Also terrific for owners of CO2 glass tube lasers, CO2 and YAG laser markers, laser marking machines, fiber laser marking machines.
  • It even works with RF lasers manufactured by Synrad, Coherent, Rofin, Universal Laser, Epilog Laser, Universal Laser Systems, Gravograph, Pinnacle. Also, CO2 glass tube lasers including RECI, EFR, Jilin Yong Li, Mactron Technology, North Star Electron, Shanghai Jinke Intelligent Technology, YL Lasers, Prima, Trumpf, PRC laser.
  • It works with laser machines made by Rabbit Laser, GW Weike, Yueming, Hans Laser, Beijing New Power, Chutian, Foshan Beyond, Grand Bird, Jinan XYZ, Perfect laser, Suke, and many many more.
  • Get your quick laser power output reading today and exercise your warranty as needed.
  • Ensure the best quality for the laser cutting and engraving now.

Packaged Weight 4 pounds
Product Dimensions 7.9 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches

Fully tested, calibrated, and each probe has an engraved serial number.
Comes with instructions and convenient storage container.DHL Shipping for this product, please allow 5 working days for processing and 3 days for delivering the product. 
Tracking ID provided once the shipping currier picked up your product.
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