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4pcs Bun Maker

4pcs Bun Maker
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  • Color: Black 
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 14-21cm approx.
  • Ideal for work, party, event or home use
  • Easy to make a new hair style in seconds
  • 4 pcs set (includes 1 pc comb, 1 pc quickbuns hair roller, 2 pcs topsy tail hair maker - small & large)

    Topsy Tail Hair Maker How to use:
  • (1): Find a hair elastic to put your hair in a low ponytail. Insert the long end of the tool into the top of the ponytail, just above the elastic, so the loop is sticking out of the back of your head. Make sure it's in the middle of the ponytail or the twist will be lopsided. 
  • (2): Stick your fingers through the loop from the head side and grab the ponytail. Pull it through the loop. The ponytail should be sort of pointing up the back of your head.
  • (3): Grab the long end of the tool that is sticking out the bottom of your ponytail, and pull it down and through, bringing the ponytail with it.
  • (4): The hair at the base of the ponytial should be sort of twisted over itself, covering the ponytail holder. 
  • (5): Hair style!

    Quickbuns Hair Roller How to use:
  • Tied ponytail
  • Put the ponytail hair into the cave of the tray 
  • Move the tray then moved up 
  • Slowly roll the ponytail into a circle 
  • Sort out the hair
  • Finish
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