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3D Home Teeth Whitening Stripes

3D Home Teeth Whitening Stripes
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28 Advanced, non-peroxide, professional whitening strips for professional results in the convenience of your own home. Be wary of cheaper qualities and products which contain hydrogen peroxide as this ingredient will induce tooth sensitivity and will damage the tooth enamel.
These are high quality, CE approved, professional teeth whitening strips, used by professionals in salons, spas and dentists around the world.
Our Advanced Whitening Strips are:
  • Double elastic gel, giving you higher quality strips
  • Non -Peroxide
  • Mint flavor
  • 100% Safe & Effective
  • CE approved
  • ISO Quality Assured
  • No teeth sensitivity & does not damage the enamel
1 Box Includes:
  • 28 Teeth Whitening mint Flavored Strips ( 14 sachets ) 14 upper and 14 lower
  • User Manual



Step 1: Peel
Brush teeth, wait 5 -10 minutes, tear open foil pouch and remove lower strip from back liner with a dry clean hand.
Step 2 & 3: Apply
Fit lower strip-apply the sticky gel side against your teeth.
line up with the edge of gums and apply gentle pressure to mould the strip securely.
Fold over the remainder of the strip.
Repeat for upper strip.
Step 3: Reveal
After 30 minutes gently peel off both strips-dispose and rinse mouth to remove gel residue.
Now you are on the way to a Brighter, Whiter Smile!

Q:Can I brush my teeth immediately before using Whitening strips?

A:Do NOT brush immediately BEFORE applying strips. To avoid gum irritation, 
allow for some time to pass after you have brushed your teeth to apply strips.

Q:Can I wear Whitening strips overnight while I sleep?

A:No, do not wear Whitening strips overnight or while sleeping.

Q:How do I use Whitening strips?

A:It is best if you do not brush your teeth immediately before applying strips. 
Open the pouch and remove the strip. Peel the strips from the backing liner and 
align with gum line. Press gently for good contact. Fold the rest of strip behind 
teeth to keep in place. Wear strips for required amount of time, then remove and discard.

Q:How long do the results last for?

A:The results will last for as long as 18 months to 2 years but this is influenced
by the eating and drinking behaviors of the patient as well as other factors such 
as taking certain medications and smoking. Another very important factor to ensure
long lasting results is to maintain excellent oral hygiene practices.

Q:How long I should refrain from coffee and red wine after bleaching?

A:It is recommended to avoid such during whitening and for 1 week after tooth bleaching.
If you feel that your teeth have yellowed over time, it is okay to do touch-up bleaching 
applications every 4-6 months as needed. 

Q:How long the whitening will results last?

A:Generally, immediately after bleaching, the color will fade slightly and then remain 
stable for approx. 6 months to a year, sometimes longer. It is recommended for maintenance 
to touch up your smile every 4-6 months

Q:How long will it take for teeth to become their whitest?

A:Results vary. Some teeth whiten dramatically in just a few days, while others can
take a few months. The majority of people whiten within 2-3 weeks.  
The more yellow versus gray color you have in your teeth, the better the bleaching. 
Grey enamel similar to that of Tetracycline (antibiotic) staining is more difficult to bleach
and can take a few months to achieve a result.
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