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4-Piece Blemish Extractor Set

4-Piece Blemish Extractor Set
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  • Blemish-extractor wands help to gently clear pores

  • Effective way to remove blackheads and whiteheads

  • Gentler and more sanitary than using fingers

  • Lessens trauma to surrounding skin

  • Requires minimal pressure

  • Spots should not be picked or squeezed as this can bruise the skin and may cause scarring

  • To extract, place the loop end over the top of the blackhead and gently press

  • Loop tip is designed for pressing and extracting; sharp end is designed for piercing or poking

  • If required, use the needle to carefully pick the surface of your skin if your pores are not matured

  • Optimal time to extract blackheads is immediately after a shower or after placing a warm face towel over your face for about one minute

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Dimensions: 5"x0.4"x0.4"

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