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Unbreakable Silicone Glass 11OZ/330ml

Unbreakable Silicone Glass 11OZ/330ml
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These fabulous silicone wine (beer or soda) glasses are made from food grade silicone and are a must for any outdoor event. Save on broken glasses and therefore so much safer to use on picnics, at BBQs, by the pool (in my dreams!) camping trips, travelling...  

Your chosen tipple will not be tainted by the silicone in which it sits. The stemless design means it is more stable than it's traditional counterpart when being used outside and is therefore much less likely to fall over thus eradicating the problem of broken glass.  

You can also use the glasses for cocktails - place some juice in the glass and pop it in the freezer for a few hours, tasty cold drinks on tap. A great idea for parties.  The cup is stain resistant and easy to clean. Also dishwasher safe.  Just choose the number of glasses required from the drop down list and drink to a long hot summer!

Can Withstand Temperatures from -40 F to 450 F
This glass wouldn’t break,totally safe,and can be frozen.

Package includes:

1xUnbreakable Silicone Glass

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