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Alcohol Tester Analyzer

Alcohol Tester Analyzer
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Designed to accurately measure alcohol content from a person’s breath

The Digital Breath Alcohol Tester is an innovative pocket sized breathalyser thats handy for pub nights, Christmas parties and other social occasions. It is designed for use with Apple devices to detect the alcohol content of a user’s breath. It’s easy to use, fast, takes no batteries and it is really small so you won’t even notice it in your pocket.  You never know, it could save your life.

Please Note: This alcohol tester has no official certification, the readings are not legally binding and should not be relied upon to test your driving ability. Therefore we’d recommend if you have been drinking alcohol that you don’t take to the road.

Incredibly easy to use 

The alcohol tester is incredibly easy to use, simply connect the product to your Apple device and press the switch on the tester for 2-3 seconds, at the same time the LCD screen will “warm up” for 10 seconds before asking the user to exhale into the sensor for 3 to 5 seconds, which it will let you know by beeping.  The tester will shortly after show the test result.

Notifies you of ‘Cautionary’ and ‘Dangerous’ levels of alcohol 

If the tester reads as follows then “Caution” will show;

  • 0.02% BAC(or 0.2g/l)to 0.05% BAC(or 0.5g/l)
  • 0.05% BAC(or 0.5g/l)to 0.08% BAC(or 0.8g/l)

If the tester reads as follows then “Danger” will show;

  • Over & EQUAL 0.05% BAC (or 0.5g/l)
  • Over & EQUAL 0.08% BAC (or 0.8g/l)

Designed for use with all Apple Devices

The Accurate Digital breathalyzer is designed not only for every model of iPhone (3, 3GS, 4, 4S) but also for iPods and iPads so you can be sure to use it wherever you are.


The Accurate Digital Breathalyser is an easy-to-use, pocket sized plug-in device for all Apple gadgets.  Checking if you are ok to drive?  Make sure you take your Accurate Digital Breathalyser with you to the pub.  Morning after a heavy night?  Carry your Accurate Digital Breathalyser in your pocket to be on the safe side.

The breathalyser docks onto your iPhone or iPod using the docking pins.  Once securely attached, switched on and warmed up, the device will ask you to breath into the airhole for 5 seconds.  It will let you know when to start and finish by beeping.  Then it will immediately give you an accurate reading of your alcohol level.
It is one of those devices everyone should have with them, just to check.  Small and easily portable, it can be tucked into a pocket or handbag with no problem.

It features an LCD digital display, which can make detection more ocular & more efficient.
With a unique detector, it can effectively eliminate ‘interferers’ such as cigarettes, coke, coffee smells and  non-alcoholic gas in order to give a precise result.

With voice alarm function, should your alcohol content exceed the safety limit, the buzzer will automatically alarm you to it.

No separate blowpipe needed, just blow into the air hole of the tester.

This product is compatible with Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad

Net Weight: 26 g / 0.9 oz

Size: 50 x 38 x 10 mm / 1.95 x 1.482 x 0.39 inch

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